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A VERY BEAUTIFUL THING. Just received my new V3 Speedster (cream paintwork, ROX liner, flip visor in light smoke) WHAT A THING OF BEAUTY !! I initially placed an online order & was adamant I needed a large (based on my previous old model speedster). At the recent BSMC show in London I had the pleasure of being treated to first class customer service from Fid & Amie, who took their time & patience to allow me to try on various sizes of helmet & we ascertained I needed a medium & a "half size" fitting kit. As my order was already under production at the factory, Joe rectified the order & changed the interior/fitting kit for me from the original incorrectly ordered size L. Nothing was too much trouble, the staff were attentive & I wasn't made to feel rushed. Five days later my new helmet arrived, beautifully/safely packaged. Five stars all the way for DAVIDA. Treat yourself to a quality British made product, as you open the box & see the quality of the paintwork & smell the new's quite a sexy experience !! Go on, BUY ONE NOW...Your head deserves it !!


TOP HELMET. Received my helmet. All I can say :top craftmanship, top quality and top service.Thanks Patrick

BEST VISOR ON THE MARKET. When i ordered this to go with my speedster v3 - I hoped this visor would work as well as the reviews say. Well it does - its exceptional. When up its out the way, no rattles no drag nothing like its not there, when you pull it down, you hardly know its there as its so well fitted no rattles or distortion just good weather protection easy to clean as it lifts off like googles, Ive been riding using open face helmets for over 40 years this has to be simply the best visor I've ever seen or used. Once again brilliant design and engineering by Davida.


HEADS UP !Just got my new Davida speedster v3, this is a replacement for somewhat battered Davida Jet. I have owned 2 others Davida's over the last 30 years, they were excellent, this one however is exceptional, brand new out the box the fit is perfect, its very very quit , very light there is no drag or pull when riding even at speed and being a slimmer design than the jet it looks as cool as a cucumber. But more than that it's engineered for exceptional levels of safety, and built in Britain by hand to a superb standard - if your thinking of a jet helmet, forget the rest buy the best - Davida.


MY NEW SPEEDSTER. Owned a Speedster V3 for a couple of weeks now so here's my review: The first thing that stood out was that the helmet is quite heavy, reassuringly heavy, suggesting quality construction, but the weight disappears when it is put on and it is very comfortable in use. It is also very well finished and a very good fit for my 59cm head in a large size. It is a very quiet helmet to wear, most impressed with that, wind noise is minimal. Goggles fit well, I use ex-military types and they are secure without wind ingress to well above legal road speeds. Any complaints? I would of liked the helmet to be supplied with peak/visor studs as standard with no studs as an option. I did not want to wait several weeks to have a helmet made with studs, especially as it is summer, so if the helmets were supplied with studs as standard that would have been better for me.
Other than that, a great helmet.


AMAZING- I am the proud owner of a brown and cream v3 with brown leather lining, may even be the only one so far. Simply the best open face helmet in the world. I ride a loud bike but this lid is so quiet, I don't need ear plugs any more. It looks amazing and attracts attention wherever I go. I use the T2 goggles which really completes the look. Go out and buy one, you won't be disappointed.


AMAZINGI am the proud owner of a brown and cream v3 with brown leather lining, may even be the only one so far. Simply the best open face helmet in the world. I ride a loud bike but this lid is so quiet, I don't need ear plugs any more. It looks amazing and attracts attention wherever I go. I use the T2 goggles which really completes the look. Go out and buy one, you won't be disappointed.

BEYOND EXPECTATION- Just received my 92 TT in Black and Gold with T1 goggles - they look amazing. Quality and fit outstanding. Service is second to none. Thanks to Joe Kirkham in sales !


A SENSE OF PRIDE. I received my Davida jet helmet less than 10 days ago. Perfect fit, easy to secure. Just like I expected. And I love the design, the logo in front is gorgeous. To be honest: It makes me feel great. When I am riding my neo-retro Triumph, with my aviator Google on...The all package put a smile on my face :)


PERFECT FIT,  GREAT LOOK. This is my third Davida helmet. Wonderful fit. perfect sound insulation and beautiful leather lining. I like very much the cosmic flake colors, crafted excellent. Definitely the best jet helmet on the market! Thanks Davida for this great and good looking helmets.


T2 GOGGLESI bought the brown leather T2 Goggles to go with my V3 helmet. Look amazing especially when on my lid and have attracted many a good comment. They came with a clear lens but I soon ran into problems in the sunshine as my lid has no peak. Any glaring sunshine was blinding me. So, I bought some smoked lens's which were really easy to fit. Problem solved.
They look even better with the smoked lens. The goggles are really comfy, don't mist up, offer great all round vision and are well worth the money. Recommend these to anyone but suggest looking at a second summer lens.


BEST HELMET EVERI ordered my Jet92 helmet at the Scottish Motorcycle Show where the extremely helpful Davida staff took my exact measurements and explained that my card would not be debited until my order was ready for despatch. When my helmet arrived I couldn't believe how well fitting and light it was compared to my other (full face) helmets. The sound proofing and comfort was also excellent. I don't think I'll ever regret buying Davida but it has certainly spoiled me for all other premium helmets. And Davida is a British company, so win, win.


Perfect fit and great with open faced helmets. Wouldn't buy any other mask. Quick delivery too.


I have had my Jet helmet for over 12 months now and it's been the best Helmet I've ever had. It's part of me. I cannot ever see me using any other helmet other than a Davida. I've been riding motorcycles for 38 years and this is the best product I have ever bought in terms of Quality and fit.

Philip O. on Apr 28, 2017 - DAVIDA 92 Helmet-  Davida are a very professional company and are very easy to deal with, I'm delighted with my new Davida 92 low profile helmet and very impressed by the quality of manufacture.


BRG WHITE JET HELMET- Got my helmet at Stafford show well worth getting help with fit. Great finish and very comfortable, best helmet I have owned.


JET - Quality! Like sticking your head in a Bentley! Fits beautifully and comfortable all day long. My second Davida and no doubt there'll be more.

STUNNING QUALITY- I just received my Davida DGR 2015 Laurel Davida Jet Helmet, and im in Awe about the stunning quality. The second you get the helmet in your hands, you just know that is a high-end product. After riding it a couple of weeks, im so impressed with the fit, and comfort of the helmet. it takes a few times to get the hand on how to put it on, but once you get familiar with it, you just can't imagine anything else. the padding is excellent, gives you comfort on long rides, and brilliant noise reduction, from both pipes and the wind, but still allows you to hear the traffic. I would highly recommend this product, and also buy it again.

INDISPENSABLE MASQUE- Ce masque est parfait, il protège très efficacement contre le froid, je respire très bien par les aérations, il est esthetique, sa forme ergonomique épouse très bien le visage... Il est vraiment idéal!!! Si il existait dans toutes les couleurs je les acheterais toutes!!!


DAVIDA JET HELMET- This is my first Davida product and im very impressed, so much so that ive just ordered a set of goggles, from Davida. Excellent quality and very comfortable, I'm very happy with it and will recommend to others 

BRILLIANT ! bought 3 pairs of cheap over the glasses goggles. 1st pair cut my nose off, 2nd pair came that low over my eyes they pushed my glasses down, 3 rd pair worked but I felt I had tunnel vision.
So spent a bit more & bought this visor which is absolutely brilliant, clear, big field of vision, quiet as it fits outside of my helmet. Manufacturing quality is great. So easy to use & looks great on an open face
lid. Ordered Wednesday delivered Friday. Ready for the weekend.Why didn't I buy this in the 1st place, hmmmmm!!!


YEARS IF USE IN ALL WEATHER. - Got a pair of T1's back in 2012 and they've been worn in all seasons and in every type of weather. My first pair managed about 24,000 miles before I decided I needed another pair. The visibility is better than any other I've tried out and the quality and comfort is a very high quality.



Just received my Davida leather Jacket, really impressed with the fit and the quality of leather. No breaking the jacket in which is great. Looking forward to wearing it on my café racer!!


UNION JACK Davida - making British products that Britons can be proud to wear.

Karl Williams on Apr 04, 2017 - Davida JPV Visors


Easy to get along with, moves smoothly, keeps the weather out and gives your open face helmet all the benefits of a full face lid. It remains completely stable at high speed, and looks great too! I use mine with my Jet helmet - I can't recommend this highly enough!
Buying Davida kit is more than just buying British - it's buying from a team of people who are totally committed to providing you with the very best product possible!

Karl Williams on Apr 04, 2017 - Cosmic Candy Silver Davida Jet Helmet


There can be no doubt in my mind that Davida are the finest helmets in the world - bar none!
Once you've tried one of these - there is no going back!
I have a Jet with a custom paint job, the level of workmanship is amazing.
These helmets are comfortable, they don't lift in the wind, and my Davida lid is the quietest helmet I've ever had.
I use mine with a JPV visor - which gives all of the benefits of both a full face and open face helmet.

SPEEDSTER V3 WITH BROWN LEATHER LINER -Looking for the bespoke retro look to match a bike as individual as you are.  The fit, finish and style of my helmet makes it the best value for money I could have hoped for. If you want an individual look with exceptional quality then look no further and order your Speedster V3. You wont be disappointed.

DAVIDA 74 WRS KIT REPLACEMENT PARTS - Simple and easy to set up, good quality.


REAL CRAFTMANSHIP - Really happy with my new 92 : Looks great, fits great and is perfectly made. Flawless paintwork. The inside leather smells and feels superb. Also securely packed. It's all about quality !


92- I hate wearing anything on my head - my helmet is incredibly comfortable!


GREAT VISOR - The GOV visor looks really cool either up or down. I wear glasses so prefer a visor to goggles. This one is really strong, well-made and well-finished. Wind protection is very good. Where I live it doesn't rain very often, so I can't yet comment on that. Overall I am really pleased with this product. Ordering, delivery time, communication and service were all excellent.

DAVIDS HELMETS ARE BEST- This is an authentic old school high quality helmet! It is Made in England and it's quality is excellent! You have to have one for a nice old style of cafe racer motorcycle! I just love it!

IT WOULD HAVE TO BE DESCRIBED AS ART! A very big thank you for my new helmet  if it was the only example of this helmet it would have to be described as ART ! I really can't explain why l have dithered about until l became a septuagenarian before deciding to get one of these. Please give my thanks to ALL the David workers.


Just received my Matt/Gloss Black Speedster v3 helmet.......awesome!! Not sure where to start, my wife decided to buy me one for my 50th (using my money,of course) as I had been going on about these helmets for so long. I decided on the new v3 because of the low profile.
From the very first phone call to Laura at Davida the service has been the best I have ever received from any retailer. The actual process of purchase was both efficient and pain free, a rare thing these days!
My Speedster v3 is perfect in ever way, size, fit and colour. I am buying the goggles next week and hopefully talk the Mrs into getting me another one for my 51th B'day! Thanks Davida for a truly brilliant product...

SUPERLATIVE QUALITY  - I'm wearing my new helmet as I write this (I hope the neighbours don't see me). I'm not one given to hyperbole, but this is a fine helmet indeed. The finish is outstanding. I've looked until my eyes hurt, and I can't see a single blemish. The fit is snug yet comfortable, and my sunglasses are positioned perfectly. The SpeedsterV3's profile is smaller than my Shoei RJ Platinum R, so I don't look like Marvin the Martian. The helmet also offers good sound protection. No, Davida helmets are not cheap, but just like an Aero jacket or bespoke suit, quality and longevity come at a price. Treat yourself, and buy one of these lids. Just don't tell your wife what you paid.


Thank you very much for your excellent service for my second Davida GOV clear visor with elasticated headband , a quality product to go with my black-white check Davida Black Jet Helmet that I had some seven years that remains a high quality helmet that is still perfect. These two Davida products perfectly complement each other and my two motorbikes, a Triumph America cruiser and my Royal Enfield Continental GT Cafe Racer.

DAVIDA BRAND IS WITHOUT QUESTION THE BEST IN THIS MARKET- It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well given the number of open faced helmets now flooding the market trying to copy the style of the Davida range they should be happy. But, many of the ‘copies’ fall short of matching not only the style, the quality, but more importantly the safety of the Davida helmets, so it is a worrying phenomenon. Just jumping on the bandwagon without the years of proper design and research that Davida have done, mean safety is compromised. You just have to pick up a Davida Jet to realise this is a properly crafted helmet, not massed produced in some Chinese factory, but one created in the UK with safety in mind. Once you have worn one and realised how it protects your hearing with its industry leading sound deadening levels, how comfortable it is after a day’s riding and how it still cleans up to a shine that any custom builder would be happy with after a winters day riding, you realise you really do get what you pay for. My current Jet is the fourth Davida I have had over the years since this very British firm started and I have been impressed with all, but this latest Jet is the best yet and there is nothing on the market in this style that can compete, unless price is your only criteria, So as the saying goes, if you have a cheap head etc. but if you actually value yours the Davida brand is without question the best in this market segment and for most of us the Jet range suits all types of classic riding.


LIKE GETTING A NEW OLD FRIEND. I have been looking to replace my old 91 for some time, and have been going through a series of flip front helmets, I was at the mcn excel show last week and got sized up for the 92, so comfortable, feels just right, should have done this sooner. Looking forward to next trip out. Staff at the show stand get the thumbs up, and delivery was in two days, what's not to like, thank you for the service Davida.


GOOD STUFF..! Not very often I'd bother to write a review but here we have something worth talking about.

The new 92 is perfect for me, superior quality,slim profile, light weight and quiet. I have fitted a peak with a cut down tinted visor. I perch goggles above and use when required. The rear goggle securing stud has saved my goggles on numerous occasions. Thank you Davida

QUALITY PRODUCT AND SERVICE - Have ordered before and will do so in the future. Good products and well packaged. Very happy with service and purchase.JET HELMET - Looks great a little tight getting it over ears should loosen with wear feels good on looking forward to getting out on bike. thanks

 AVIATOR GOGGLES REPLACEMENT LENS. - My overall experience with Davida was excellent.The replacement lenses arrived within twenty four hours,superb service.If this is an example,I would not hesitate to deal with Davida again.

AWESOME KIT AND BRILLIANT SERVICE - I ordered this helmet in a custom finish at the NEC motorcycle show. The guys at Davida made it exactly to the spec that I asked for and it is a perfect fit and very comfortable.

I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to both great customer service and product quality - this helmet and Davida have absolutely both in spades - thanks guys!

Martin Haskell on Feb 20, 2017Davida JPV Visors

BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE AND SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. -When I ordered my Davida Jet helmet I chose a JPV1 visor to go with it - I'm glad I did.

This visor is mounted on an elasticated leather strap, which prevents scuffing of the paintwork on the Jet. The design of this visor is extremely efficient in deflecting the breeze away from the upper part of the face, and stays put remarkably well, even at high speeds, sliding up with one hand when you come to a halt.

When it's time to pull the visor down, a simple pull in the centre at the top slides it back into place, the rubber strip inside the metal band locates securely on the rubber edge of your lid (as well as stopping rain from running down inside) and away you go. Levels of vision are without parallel, and cleaning is simple too, just unpop the studs on each side and wash the visor like you're washing you're hands, gently drying it on a towel before popping it back on. Unlike many open face visors and goggles, I haven't experienced any turbulence behind the visor, and you can also easily wear shades or glasses behind it.First class!


DAVIDA SPEEDSTER V3 BLACK & WHITE HELMET - I have just received my Speedster V3 Helmet. I was more than happy with my speedster I've had for 10 years, but after being pulled by police where I live in Spain, I was cautioned as it wasn't road legal and carried a fine of 200 euros and 3 points. Convinced I wouldn't get away with it next time, I decided to go for the new road legal Speedster V3. All I can say is, it is a work of art!...the finish and build quality is second to non, the fit is perfect! Well done you all, fabulous!!


V3 SPEEDSTER - Lovin' my new Cosmic Speedster... I'd buy another at the drop of a hat!


BEST LEATHER JACKET .... EVER - Originally I couldn't figure out why it was called a Mk1 and wondered when would they introduce the Mk2. I looked at LOTS of leather bike jackets and whilst I was pondering which one to go for I was lucky enough to be offered an unwanted Davida jacket for my wife. And what a lovely jacket! Now I understood, how could there be a Mk2 when this jacket is virtually unimprovable! Well, of course I had to get for safety's sake really... otherwise I would be spending too much time looking in the mirror at who was on the seat behind me.
The fit is accurate, the leather is really the best quality, supple and strong, the manufacture is of a very high standard and Davida have the got the style absolutely right. After Davida, there really is no other jacket. I would recommend this jacket to anyone who wants a real quality bike jacket and isn't worried about armour.
(and full marks to Davida for their excellent customer service)...



BEST AVIATOR GOGGLES I am proud to say that I own two pairs of Leon Jeantet Aviator Goggles. These goggles are made exactly under the same receipt as it was hand made in early 1900's or even before (I don't recall the start year of its production). It's quality is superior to any other I have seen and these are Made in France. I recommend these Goggles to any one who loves history, cares of quality and enjoys to bear a pair of goggles that makes your style unique. I highly recommend this item! Ed

THESE GLOVES EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!...These Davida gloves really exceeded my expectations in many aspects: these are made of high quality soft leather, it is extremely well done, they are warm, they fantastically fits well both for driving a motorcycle as well as using it occasionally and of course, they are marked with DAVIDA trademark logotype! I got in in black and will consider to have a pair of brown as well in the near future! Well done again, DAVIDA! Your brand is the best! Ed

Richard Malfait on Feb 03, 2017- 92105 Matt Black, Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

MY BEAUTIFUL NEW, NINETY TWO ...... arrived today and I'm a chuffed chap. Beautifully made, fantastic quality and a great fit. Like everyone else says, comfy and quiet. Have never bought a lid online before and was a bit nervous about doing so. But the sizing chart was accurate, the customer reviews were right and the helmet is perfect for me. If my ears continue to grow with my years I'll be back for the next size up next decade. Many thanks Davida. I think I love you. x

QUALITY PRODUCT.......Just received my Ninety Two today having seen it at the NEC show. The quality is even better than I remember when I ordered it. The fit and finish is sublime. First open face helmet and I can't wait to wear it. Thanks Davida and thank goodness there are still some great British companies out there.

DAVIDA GOGGLES AND PRODUCTS ARE JUST GREAT! I have owned Davida helmets for quite a number of years and used the traditional aviator goggles that are just fantastic! Recently I decided to purchase these Davida WRS goggles/sun glasses and I got amazed! It is beautiful, light, easy to handle, good option in spare parts and lovely to wear. Well done Davida! Your products are just the best!

I KID YOU NOT, THESE LIDS ARE LUSH - I’ve had a few crash helmets over the last 40 odd years... all good in their own ways, but none have really come close to the quality and comfort of my latest helmet, the beautiful Davida Jet.The snug fit makes the Jet not only quiet, but also resistant to lifting at speed, a common problem with open face lids. Davida helmets are lined with the finest quality tailored leather and painted to an extremely high standard. I kid you not, these lids are lush. When I got my Jet in mid-September I envisaged wearing it on the odd sunny weekend; and using the AGV most of the time. But all that has changed, and I think the pleasure in wearing such a comfortable and well-crafted crash helmet may have changed the way I ride, and I now wear it all the time.

DAVIDA FACE MASK UNIVERSAL MK 2 OR NO I AM NOT HANIBLE LECTOR - The face mask is very well constructed and is a superb fit and offer good protection from the elements..... I have been using mine on a daily commute it also fits perfectly under my Biltwell Bubble visor.

Davida 74 WRS Kit Replacement Parts
EXCELLENT KIT - Great gear, after the head band broke I was pleased to discover all replacement parts are available at a reasonable price. So I bought some cool red lenses too.

JET HELMET - Love the has style,looks fab. Fits very comfortable.


AVIATOR RETRO PILOT T2 OPTICAL GOGGLES - BROWN LEATHER - Awesome! Top features from nowadays technologies, on top of the genuine and legendary taste. If you like it, get it, you deserve it.

ITALIAN QUALITY AND STYLE - All in this is a quality product well worth investing in.


. Go to your bike shop and just try one on! Life too short to be a biker and not wear Davida.


SPEEDSTER 3 BEAUTY- blown away by the quality and finish and how comfortable this helmet is. I struggle to find a good fit as I have a very small head and this is the only helmet that does not make me look like a space man can't wait to get out on the bike .
FACE MASK - Excellent service, delivery to me here in France. Looks good but haven't had chance to try it yet.
Absolutely love the design and the fit is superb. Probably the best open-face helmet I have tried.So, all in all I am extremely happy with my purchases and the excellent level of customer care from Davida (incidentally, I was told to expect a wait of about 4-6 weeks for the helmet. I received it within 2 weeks after ordering on Christmas Eve!)Thanks guys.

Clive. SIMPLY THE BEST....The title says it all really....have used a Davida jet for the last 7 years...even raced in it....supreme comfort, superb wind noise and used in conjunction with the visor, no lift at speed....
An outstanding helmet......
FAB CUSTOMER SERVICE! - Davida seem a fabulous company to deal with and customer service really is top notch!!

Hans on Jan 03, 201760281 - Black 3 White Stripes Davida Classic Helmet

BEING CLASSIC - The helmet is perfect. Craftsmanship amazing, including a beautiful paint finish.

QUALITY AND STYLE -  Go on and buy with confidence, in my 40 years of riding and it's taken me till now to find the perfect open face !! delighted can't recommend this company enough. Thank you


Jason C. on Dec 21, 2016 - Aviator Retro Special Goggle - Black Foam Rubber

BEST GOGGLES EVERI brought these to go with my Davida helmet , as my last ones kept falling down , you don't know you have these on, fit like a dream very happy with them

MY GO-TO OPEN FACE HELMET- As boss of the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in London I have to be careful what I say about any product. My views have to be authentic and I can't favour brands because we work with them, and I do know the Davida team well, but I can honestly say that after my first '92 and my original Speedster, the new Speedster V3 is the helmet I've been waiting for, Literally. . If you want an open face helmet, just buy one of these and you won't be disappointed. They are worth every star of my 5-star rating.

LONG SERVICE MEDAL - This lid has been with me over 20 years, still comfy,still quiet, the leather is still in good condition and the strap hasn't frayed.Don't go anywhere else, these things really are fantastic.

CUSTOMISED WHEELS AND WAVES NINETY 2 - I ordered this helmet at the NEC Motorcycle show in Birmingham, the girls were more than helpful with my order. Helmet arrived yesterday, the quality and finish is outstanding. Everything was customised to my preference and exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be dealing with Davida in the future and will recommend their helmets. Many thanks! Alan.