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THESE GLOVES EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!...These Davida gloves really exceeded my expectations in many aspects: these are made of high quality soft leather, it is extremely well done, they are warm, they fantastically fits well both for driving a motorcycle as well as using it occasionally and of course, they are marked with DAVIDA trademark logotype! I got in in black and will consider to have a pair of brown as well in the near future! Well done again, DAVIDA! Your brand is the best! Ed
MY BEAUTIFUL NEW, NINETY TWO ...... arrived today and I'm a chuffed chap. Beautifully made, fantastic quality and a great fit. Like everyone else says, comfy and quiet. Have never bought a lid online before and was a bit nervous about doing so. But the sizing chart was accurate, the customer reviews were right and the helmet is perfect for me. If my ears continue to grow with my years I'll be back for the next size up next decade. Many thanks Davida. I think I love you. x
QUALITY PRODUCT.......Just received my Ninety Two today having seen it at the NEC show. The quality is even better than I remember when I ordered it. The fit and finish is sublime. First open face helmet and I can't wait to wear it. Thanks Davida and thank goodness there are still some great British companies out there.
DAVIDA GOGGLES AND PRODUCTS ARE JUST GREAT! I have owned Davida helmets for quite a number of years and used the traditional aviator goggles that are just fantastic! Recently I decided to purchase these Davida WRS goggles/sun glasses and I got amazed! It is beautiful, light, easy to handle, good option in spare parts and lovely to wear. Well done Davida! Your products are just the best!

I KID YOU NOT, THESE LIDS ARE LUSH - I’ve had a few crash helmets over the last 40 odd years. From Stadium and Centurion in the early days through the Griffin Clubman (CD no less!) era, followed by the Bell Star and then on to lids from Shoei, Schuberth/BMW and AGV, all good in their own ways, but none have really come close to the quality and comfort of my latest helmet, the beautiful Davida Jet.The snug fit makes the Jet not only quiet, but also resistant to lifting at speed, a common problem with open face lids. Davida helmets are lined with the finest quality tailored leather and painted to an extremely high standard. I kid you not, these lids are lush. When I got my Jet in mid-September I envisaged wearing it on the odd sunny weekend; and using the AGV most of the time. But all that has changed, and I think the pleasure in wearing such a comfortable and well-crafted crash helmet may have changed the way I ride, and I now wear it all the time

AWESOME - Feel like the Lone Ranger. Mysterious, But it also goes the job perfectly. Bang On !

DAVIDA FACE MASK UNIVERSAL MK 2 OR NO I AM NOT HANIBLE LECTOR - The face mask is very well constructed and is a superb fit and offer good protection from the elements..... I have been using mine on a daily commute it also fits perfectly under my Biltwell Bubble visor.

Davida 74 WRS Kit Replacement Parts
EXCELLENT KIT - Great gear, after the head band broke I was pleased to discover all replacement parts are available at a reasonable price. So I bought some cool red lenses too.

JET HELMET - Love the has style,looks fab. Fits very comfortable.
AVIATOR RETRO PILOT T2 OPTICAL GOGGLES - BROWN LEATHER - Awesome! Top features from nowadays technologies, on top of the genuine and legendary taste. If you like it, get it, you deserve it.
ITALIAN QUALITY AND STYLE - As a motorcycle racer back in the 60s I wore Italian made goggles. Recently I decided to start wearing an open faced helmet and looked for goggles to enhance the retro look. When I investigated. there didn't appear to be any goggles that captured the quality and style of the goggles I wore back then. That is until I came across these on the Davida site. The quality is outstanding with a number of additional safety features my original Italian goggles didn't have. Such as the scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses, anti mist aerators and adjustable nonslip helmet band. All in this is a quality product well worth investing in.
HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! 2016 - My wife surprised me this Christmas with a brand new Davida Jet in gold black and pinstripe! It started because I've been complaining to my wife ever since we bought her first helmet. Her multiple options of all the typically branded pink, purple and mixed variant helmets available was completely overridden when she clocked a Silver Davida Jet on the shelf in her size!!! I explained how she had amazing taste given her first lid and after hearing how much she loves it and seeing the build quality, I've wanted one myself ever since! Well now I own one; it's like the Rolls Royce of open face helmets. The finish is the highest quality I've seen in any helmet with a fantastic quality lining of mixed leather and textiles for a great feel and high-end look. The fit is superior, really hugging you face with no pressure points, no riding up with headwind and great sound reduction. Davida offer pop-stud fittings for peaks and goggle strap clamps or simply flush. I'm so made up with this lid I'm feeling a small collection coming on. Go to your bike shop and just try one on! Life too short to be a biker and not wear Davida.
SPEEDSTER 3 BEAUTY- I ordered this at the motorcycle show as an early Xmas present to myself , and was so blown away by the quality and finish and how comfortable this helmet is. I struggle to find a good fit as I have a very small head and this is the only helmet that does not make me look like a space man can't wait to get out on the bike .
FACE MASK - Excellent service, delivery to me here in France. Looks good but haven't had chance to try it yet.
OLD'S COOL! - Just received my Silver Flames SpeedsterV3 helmet today from my local dealer here in Cambridge.
Absolutely love the design and the fit is superb. Probably the best open-face helmet I have tried. It is a classic old school design. So, in my opinion Old's Cool!
I decided on the Davida helmet after looking at several other makes, some cheaper and some more expensive. However, the fit just felt 'right' and I knew instantly this was the helmet for me.
Originally, I ordered the Black and White check design but after contacting Davida direct by e-mail I was pleasantly surprised to find the guy's there were more than happy to accommodate my change of design (even throwing in a sticker pack with the helmet - thanks once again, Joe!)
I also purchased a pair of Aviator Retro Pilot goggles and they look perfect with the helmet.
So, all in all I am extremely happy with my purchases and the excellent level of customer care from Davida (incidentally, I was told to expect a wait of about 4-6 weeks for the helmet. I received it within 2 weeks after ordering on Christmas Eve!)Thanks guys.
Clive. SIMPLY THE BEST....The title says it all really....have used a Davida jet for the last 7 years...even raced in it....supreme comfort, superb wind noise and used in conjunction with the visor, no lift at speed....
An outstanding helmet......
FAB CUSTOMER SERVICE! - I'd just like to thank the guys at Davida Helmets. I bought a '92' helmet are the NEC show 2015, wearing it through the 2016 yr sometimes my ears were a bit cramped especially if wearing earphones for music.... I spoke with Sue Kirkham at the NEC show a few weeks back about my thoughts that it was still very tight... She arranged to send me new cheek / ear pads from the new 'V3' helmet which are softer foam and an aperture for the ear. I received them over the weekend, fitted them and the helmet seems way better already. It won't be out til after worst of winter but I'm sure my ears won't be burning in 2017.
Davida seem a fabulous company to deal with and customer service really is top notch!!
So thank you very much and a merry Christmas to you all. Happy new year also. :grin::grin::grin::thumbsup:
Hans on Jan 03, 201760281 - Black 3 White Stripes Davida Classic Helmet

BEING CLASSIC - Just wanted to bring back the look of the "good ole days" with this helmet. Perfect with the right jacket and goggles when on my "cafe" 71 Kawasaki or 72 Yamaha. Brit bike...yet! The helmet is perfect. Craftsmanship amazing, including a beautiful paint finish.

QUALITY AND STYLE - Had my jet helmet 12 months now after buying at NEC from the Davida stand. It just gets better the fit now is perfect it's comfortable and looks as new. The leather lining is soft and supple, and oozes quality. I have tried all the helmet makers. Go on and buy with confidence, in my 40 years of riding and it's taken me till now to find the perfect open face !! delighted can't recommend this company enough. Thank you


Jason C. on Dec 21, 2016 - Aviator Retro Special Goggle - Black Foam Rubber

BEST GOGGLES EVERI brought these to go with my Davida helmet , as my last ones kept falling down , you don't know you have these on, fit like a dream very happy with them

MY GO-TO OPEN FACE HELMET- As boss of the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in London I have to be careful what I say about any product. My views have to be authentic and I can't favour brands because we work with them, and I do know the Davida team well, but I can honestly say that after my first '92 and my original Speedster, the new Speedster V3 is the helmet I've been waiting for, Literally. The old Speedster was low profile, well shaped and comfy from day one, but it wasn't DOT or ECE approved, and while I liked the '92 it was less plush and less comfy. The new Speedster V3 is still as comfy, low profile AND it's road legal. The finish is tough, and the fittings, trim and leather liner are faultless and look to be just as tough as my other Davidas, and after a day in Spain on the new Bobber my head was as comfy as it would have been wearing my old well-worn lid. You can now choose different internals, so I went for Oxblood Red, which looks wicked against the silver metal flake paint. If you want an open face helmet, just buy one of these and you won't be disappointed. They are worth every star of my 5-star rating.

HELMET- Very nice helmet. The chinstrap is not easy to use at the beginning, but once you have understood.

LONG SERVICE MEDAL - This lid has been with me over 20 years, still comfy,still quiet, the leather is still in good condition and the strap hasn't frayed.Don't go anywhere else, these things really are fantastic.

CUSTOMISED WHEELS AND WAVES NINETY 2 - I ordered this helmet at the NEC Motorcycle show in Birmingham, the girls were more than helpful with my order. Helmet arrived yesterday, the quality and finish is outstanding. Everything was customised to my preference and exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be dealing with Davida in the future and will recommend their helmets. Many thanks! Alan.

MCN SENIOR ROAD TESTER & TT RACER Time Tested: seven years/10,000 miles. Quality 5/5 Value 5/5
What’s Good: I don’t often wear an open-face lid, but each time I do I’m surprised by how comfortable and quiet they are. This Davida is so good that I quite often ride without earplugs when wearing it. The comfort is incredible, too, and I’ve spent long days in the saddle while wearing it without any complaints. I even spent seven hours in it on a trip from York to Newquay and was really impressed, and at the end of the journey I wasn’t desperate to remove it. I’ve owned the lid for around seven years and there’s no sign of wear and tear, it still looks brand new, which is very impressive. When the time comes to replace this lid, which will be soon owing to its age, I’ll certainly be opting for another Davida. What’s not Good : I honestly can’t think of any. I like the comfort, the style and the quality, and for just under £300 it’s value for money, too. The hardest part is deciding which design to choose next at the options are almost endless.

FANTASTIC GOGGLES - AND COOL TOO!I bought a Jet helmet and a pair of these Aviator Retro goggles last year at the NEC show and have ridden with them through this year. Both are fantastically comfortable to wear but the goggles surprised me. Besides having a wide field of vision, with the comfort, it often felt like I hadn't got any goggles on! Mine have the clear lens, and on sunny days, the goggles look just as cool when up on the helmet and wearing the WRS sunglasses.. I do like the more modern look of the goggles and have to blame Henry Cole as I saw these on one of his shows and fancied a pair ever since.. Highly recommended.

DAVIDA JET CREAM & BROWN - I ordered this helmet at NEC motorcycle Live 2016
The Davida ladies on the stand really know their stuff when it comes to making sure the helmet fits for each individual. The Jet is beautifully made, very comfortable and oh so quiet. I've owned many premium open face helmets but the Davida Jet tops the lot.
Wonderful, another extremely pleased customer. Thank you

GREAT HELMET! - I bought this helmet after a friend of mine was very pleased about it. First thing i noticed was the very good protection from windnoise. Next to that there is the very comfortable lining and padding on the inside of the helmet. Even after 2 years of intensive use, i don't think there is any quality loss on the helmet. Perhaps not the most cheapest helmet on the jethelm-market, probably the best on looks, comfort and protection.

PILOT T1 GOGGLES - I purchased these goggles in the spring to go with my speedster helmet. I found them to be so comfortable with excellent all round vision as well as looking super cool! I wish I had brought these years ago I would not have wasted so much money on inferior goggles. Well done Davida a great addition.

WEATHERING THE AFRICAN SUN - I bought my jacket 2 years ago. A tight fit at first, I was told it would mould to my body. It did and it's become even more supple over time. As it's weathered under the African sun, it's taken on a tinge of retro fade - really looks cool. I've not found a jacket that comes close it it in style and comfort. Did have a stud that worked its way loose, but well worth the investment.

MY 1996 DAVIDA JET HELMET - I bought my first Harley Davidson and my first Davida helmet in March 1996. The Davida quality and particularly, the leather lining appealed to me. I wear the helmet most of the time with a snap on peak in the summer time and a flip up visor during the winter time. The helmet and lining is still perfect and has taken on a lovely patina. I'm very interested in the beautiful Davida Speedster V3 and would love to get one. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten!

GREAT GOGGLES ! - I bought these for my husband and he is very very happy with them very light and easy to wear.

SUPERB BUILD QUALITY - JUST FEELS 'RIGHT - 'It's taken me 2 years to finally order a helmet after weighing up whether to stick with a full face or go to an open face one and then which manufacturer to buy from. Naturally, I was keen to buy British if possible but I still checked out all the options. I thought the Davida lids looked good and felt just 'right.' I tried them again at Motorcycle Live this year and was impressed but when the actual product turned up all fresh and new in its box I was still amazed. It just oozes quality and the smell of the leather lining is just superb. I went for the visor studs and have a smoked Paulson bubble peak which for me is a must in sunny days...let's just hope we have some, now roll on summer 2017!

DAVIDA 92 - Received my custom painted Davida 92 today, superb delivery service, arrived when promised. I ordered the helmet at motorcycle live and decided to have it painted to my preference. This is a fantastic helmet, the feeling of quality and 'rightness' is hard to define. As well as beautiful it is highly functional and comfortable. This is one of those items that's just nice to own and gives you that 'feel good' factor to hold and wear. Top marks Davida.

MY DAVIDA JET - A 5 STAR HELMET! -I've had my Jet helmet for just over a year, and love it to bits. Very comfortable and very quiet, especially at speed, coupled with the Davida Aviator goggles. Old school looks, modern technology, superior protection in a classic open face helmet. Highly recommended!

MY NEW DAVIDA GLOVES.- A product so good that you know you need to buy another pair just for best!

AWESOME - I have spent 2 years deciding on which open faced helmet to purchase. Really pleased that the Speedster V3 meets all safety standards. Davida team provided excellent support to ensure I had the right size & fit. Delivery on time and very well packaged. Very pleased.

LONG DISTANCE COMFORT - Been riding for 35 years now and I`ve always worn open face helmets. I`ve had my Davida for about 2 years and it is a revelation. Very low noise, warm when it`s cold, cool when it`s hot. After wearing it for 8 hours on a trip the length of England recently I can honestly say it`s the most comfortable helmet I`ve ever had.


I have just got a 92 helmet
what a great fit
what a great look
what a cold day
roll on the summer

GREAT LOOKS AND QUALITY - This is my second Davida visor - a necessary purchase after I was caught out in the dark last week with my WRP chrome smoke rainbow. Hopefully Santa will now notice that I'm short of the matching helmet!

JET REVIEW - I bought this helmet as my first open face lid to go with the "image" of riding a cruiser (vain yes I know !). The first thing that impressed me about the Jet was the sheer quality, it is without doubt a fine helmet with plush leather and silk interior.I used the helmet for 2 years and only decided to change it because I had a problem with the silk headlining (which was rectified by excellent staff at the NEC this year).
The difference between my new helmet (not a Davida - which was not cheap but I shall not name the brand !) was noted on my first ride out post use of the Davida Jet. Immediately I realised everything was much noisier, I even stopped the bike into the journey as I was starting to hear engine / running noises that I had never heard before. Of course I had not put earplugs in as I had never needed them with the Davida Jet therefore didn't even own a pair until that point. The only negative I could touch on is that you do need to try the Jet on before you buy as typically they are smaller than your normal head size, for example I take a Medium (57/58cm) in a Shoei / Bell but ended up being fitted with an XL.  What I wasn't expecting was the level of customer support from the Davida teamWould I buy one again, without a doubt.

SUPERIOR HELMET AND SERVICE - Best Helmet I've owned in 45 years , whist in Liverpool for wedding took a trip across , visited the DAViDA factory and shop , brilliant service and advise ended up with a Ninety 2 , ordered custom paint job and bought new googles to finish everything off. DAViDA kept me informed by mail every step of the way even confirming paint job was to my requirements and tracked delivery . once the lid arrived it felt like it was born to me . Most comfortable, light well fitted helmet I've own in over 4 decades of biking . And to cap it off it look great, stunning ... just the part . Quality product and all around service

PERFECT FIT, PERFECT STYLE - A couple of years ago I bought a Davida Classic helmet. After trying the different sizes and choosing a style that fitted me best I ordered my helmet together with a pair of Halcyon goggles. When the helmet arrived it was very easy to make it fit perfectly with the fitting set that was included in the delivery. Out of all the different styles I thought this one would match the best with my classic British 1961 AJS model 31 DL motorcycle and it did. Also the goggles went very good together with the helmet. And now this is still my fixed set of headwear when driving my motorcycle. Because it's actually not safety certified I'll maybe get a new SpeedsterV3 one day, but this Classic one will probably stay my favourite.


NEW HELMET- First class service all round.. As for the helmet it's fantastic, very comfortable and excellent noise reduction. Should have bought one years ago.

GLAD I WAITED - The last jet helmet I bought was from Germany and was, admitedly, a bit cheaper than the 92, but far inferior, and plastic. I looked at a number of jets in various retailers and while I was brousing, the comment regularly came up, 'Don't buy until you've tried a Davida'. Did a lot of research and finally bit the bullet and ordered one direct from the website. When it came you could see the quality the moment it came out of the box, a bit hard to put on, due, no doubt, to the materials. But once it was on there was no question that I had made the right choice. Fitted perfectly, looked the business and cut out a lot of noise. Everything about it said quality, can't wait to use it once the rain stops (71 years old,done all the 'ride in all weathers' bit).

STICKERS -excellent would highly recommend!!!!.

CHOOSE DAVIDA, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!- Have owned the Jet for a number of years and have to say it's the most comfortable crash Helmet I've ever had! The fit is second to none and extremely quiet for an open face design. Even on long days out when touring Spain, I couldn't have wished for more from it!! To that end, I've just purchased a Ninety Two helmet from the Davida stand in Birmingham. I was looking for something slightly different/custom in terms of design and they were more than happy to accommodate. Its fair to say i had looked at other brands in terms of style and fit but was always drawn back to Davida because I know what I'm getting.......namely a great fitting and stylish helmet combined with very friendly and accommodating staff. Many thanks Davida

I LOVE MY PILOT GOGGLES! I was looking for some old style goggles. Bought a pair of aviator retro pilots to go with my Davida 92 stars & stripes helmet. Quality is second to none and best on the market with customer service to match. So happy!

DAVIDS JET - This is THE BEST helmet I have ever had in over 45 years of biking and its wholly BRITISH! It does exactly as it says, super comfy and quiet; don't need my ear plugs any more! Nice one Davida, keep it up!

TRADIZIONE E QUALITÀ - first-class products, I bought a Jet Davida is really comfortable and beautiful, bubble visor wonderful, I highly recommend them, even the online store is efficient and fast, thanks.

BEST EVER! - I bought my Davida 5 years ago and never felt the need for anything else. High quality finish and very comfortable to wear even with high temperatures. I tend to sweat easy but the leather lining is much nicer on the head than traditional helmet linings.

No lifting of the helmet at any speed only shows that the fit is perfect. I ride a Guzzi Griso, often riding long distances on the Autobahn. No fairing to hide behind and it never feels uncomfortable to wear a Davida Jet. Normally I'd buy a new helmet every other year but the only reason to buy a new Davida would be for a change of design. They are just perfect.

GOOD VALUE FUNCTIONAL EYEWEAR - While these aren't exactly cheap, you do get 3 sets of lenses in a design which fits the Davida Jet, offers a decent field of view and keeps the wind out of your eyes, for less money than the cool brands. The lenses are easily interchangeable without tools. You also get a decent storage bag with space for the spare lenses. So an ideal 'starter' goggle.

SUBLIME COMFORT - I bought my Davida from Road Kill Customs at Cromer. Rachael talked me through the helmet design and various features etc. After she had finished the fitting, I was wearing a very comfortable helmet indeed. Having used it now for some months I cannot fault it, it was comfortable from the off and the quietest helmet I've had. I use it with the Aviator goggles and riders sunglasses, both are easy to wear with the helmet. In conclusion, I bought the most comfortable, quietest helmet I've ever owned, from a company who's service is up there with the quality of your helmets.

HAND MADE PERFECTION - got this helmet last month as a birthday present honestly words cannot describe how beautiful it is it is such a comfortable helmet too it almost felt like it wasnt there very little noise and extremely comfortable as you may guess i like it a lot just wish i had bought one years ago as my other 2 open face dont get close to this one.

TIME FOR A NEW ONE....I owned my Ninety 1 for about 10 years, and covered many thousands of miles in all weathers, but thought it was time to change, and settled on one of these. Placed my order, immediately got an email telling me about the stock situation and anticipated delivery date, good to their word, the helmet arrived in the specified time

Superb fit, superb finish. Worth every penny, for what you actually get, these helmets aren't expensive. I'd highly recommend, great product, great service. Great quality.

FANTASTIC HELMET ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CRASH - Bought this Helmet because other brothers in my club had and swore by it. They were right too. Quiet, comfortable and stylish. Feels like luxury. We do a lot of miles each year about 15,000 on average including ling European Trips, and it has always proved to do the job, don't even need ear plugs to keep the noise down. I had a rear tyre blow out in Germany at 80mph recently and stacked my Harley in grand style. I bounced and had no damage. Helmet got some big gouges in it where I hit the deck on the autobahn. But my brain didn't feel rattled in any way unlike some helmets I have had on other crashes over the years. Anyway bought a replacement one today, and can't recommend them highly enough. Build quality is second to none, get one you won't regret it...

SUPER COOL JACKET! - I bought one of these leather jackets four years ago and I love it! From day one it was perfect. Four years on it looks even cooler. Has now faded with wear and looks great. Nice and warm too. If I ever need another jacket I would definitely buy another.

92 HELMET MATT BLACK - Great low profile helmet, my last open face helmet was like a beach ball on my head! This helmet looks cool worn with aviator T2 goggles. Very low sound noise, comfortable fit and dose not lift at high speeds. Would recommend your product and the service was second to none.

JUST PERFECT. - I ordered this helmet with a custom request to paint match my bike and with specific numbers (my daughter's birthday). Davida team were proactive in advising me of colour, design and style. It fits like a glove and looks awesome with the visor. Happy days.

GREAT OPEN FACE HELMET - I've owned a 92 for four years and it's great. It looks very cool in Matt black and there is no lift at high speeds. Very hard wearing and still looks as good as new. Highly recommended.

PERFECT - my husband has great stickers on the helmets and motorcycles and cars he loves stickers.
NINETY 2 - BEST OPEN-FACE EVER - It's great! No movement or lifting even at 80 mph cruising, without having to do the strap up to strangulation point. I've been riding since 1977 and have never had a better open-face helmet. Light, comfortable and stylish. Now make a retro Bell-style full-face that doesn't steam up...
AVIATOR PILOT GOGGLES - Bought item for my wife , she loves the goggles she didn't like full face helmets so needed a solution , these are perfect with her davida helmet.
FOR WHEN ONLY THE ORIGINAL WILL DO - Well, what can i say, bought one almost two decades ago, at the time to go with a historic sports car but I could not resist also using it on my ole 1950 Enfield. Loads of charm and surprisingly comfortable when combined with some good goggles.
LIGHT CHROME RAINBOW - GREAT FOR DAYTIME USE - I've been using the visor for a few months now, and remain impressed. I was skeptical that a 3 stud visor would stay on, but head turning at 80mph and it doesn't move. Also, I was concerned about the darkness of the tint - It actually cuts out less than half the light of my sunglasses, so no problems. Everone who's tried it is surprised how little light it cuts out. I can now see again, no more tears!! And it matches my blued chrome Bonneville exhausts beautifully!!
SUPER COOL JACKET! - I bought one of these leather jackets four years ago and I love it! From day one it was perfect. Four years on it looks even cooler. Has now faded with wear and looks great. Nice and warm too. If I ever need another jacket I would definitely buy another.
NEW HELMET - Been riding motorcycles for almost 40yrs and the fit of the helmet is excellent and the quietest I've ever had. Love this helmet.....wish I'd bought one years ago. Staff were so helpful and delivered really quickly. Great overall experience.
UMBERTO MASETTI HELMET- I am completely delighted with my new helmet.
The finish is nothing short of superb, please congratulate your staff for me.
Everything about the Davida experience was a pleasure. One small note to prospective purchasers: The sizing is generous, but thoughtfully you are provided with a simple adhesive sizing strip which goes under the "skirt" if you need it. I did.
AWESOME - I bought this just in case I needed it for a long trip through France and over the Alps. I packed three other Buffy type masks, but they never got unpacked. Even in hot weather they stay cool, and look cool too! It can cover your face up to the goggles for sun protection, and insects bounce off. Just a great bit of kit.
DAVIDA'S SERVICE - I not only want to tell you how pleased I am with the visor - no more stinging rain, yippee but also to congratulate you on your excellent customer aftercare. My brilliant Jet helmet had, in spite of initially being super tight, become loose and was slipping forward on to my eyebrows - not comfortable! I called and spoke to the lovely Laura who was outstandingly helpful and sent me the 1/2 size kit and new crown pads all free of charge. The helmet now fits properly again and is even better to ride in than originally - and no pinching headaches!! Please thank Laura hugely from me, she is a star! Geoffrey.
PRACTICAL ADDITION - I had decided to use my Davida Jet open face on a 2 week touring holiday around Europe hoping for sunny dry weather but accepting that there might be rainy days. Goggles and a scarf over the face aren't great in all day rain so decided to try the Bob Heath Visor. It worked very well keeping the stinging rain from my delicate features :-) . Cleared easily in the wind blast and doesn't steam up even in slow moving traffic. It also meant that the front of my Buff stayed mostly dry which prevented damp spreading down my front under my coat. It was easy to fit and remove. I kept it in the tank bag for dry days using goggles and sunglasses. I would recommend that you buy from Davida as I had originally ordered one from Ebay but it didn't fit. It seems that there are different sizes of "Bob Heath 5 stud visors"