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Can I return my purchase?

Yes, but goods purchased from an independant Davida retailer can only be returned by talking with the retailer. Their terms and conditions will apply.

Can I return my purchase ? (purchased directly from Davida)

Yes, goods bought online, by telephone or by mail order can be returned within 14 days, no questions, just send it back.

What if my purchase is defective?

Your purchase is guaranteed for two years from date of purchase for manufacturing faults.

What if I am not happy with my purchase?

Talk to us about sorting things out for you, if your purchase:

  • doesn't match our product description
  • has different qualities from the product we have advertised
  • is not fit for purpose - either its standard purpose or a specific purpose ordered by you the customer which we Davida accepted to do
  • doesn't show the quality and performance normal in products of the same type

We are here to sort things out, in the event of a problem we will undertake to resolve the issue.

We can repair the product, replace the product, reduce the price or offer a full refund.


Can I buy direct from Davida ?

Public- Can purchase directly from our website or at exhibitions we attend. 

Our Factory showroom and shop is currently closed to members of the public. 

Trade Enquiries- are always welcome and can be made via email or telephone or by making an appointment to visit our Factory.

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