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Speedster V3 Replacement Leather Liner Kits

Leather Liner Kit for Davida Speedster V3

The leather lining of the Speedster V3 is easily removed and replaced


You can choose to replace the leather lining in the same colour or completely change the colour of the lining. Supplied with:-

2 x Leather Covered Foam Ears - Left & Right

2 x Leather Chin Strap Covers -  Left & Right

1 x Leather Comfort Liner

Leather is cut, sewn and finely quilted.

Cow hide available in Black, Brown, ZNut Brown, White Leather or super soft ROX Blood Red lambs leather

Does not include a replacement Satin Crown

Removal and Replacement Instruction Video

Each Liner  Kit is size specific. Please ensure you check the size of your Speedster V3 helmet and select the correct size Replacement Lining Kit

Replacement Chin Strap Kits can be supplied separately