Fid in the Netherlands with Davida Dealers Blom Motoren

by David Fiddaman on April 29, 2019

I’m just back from visiting my very dear friend Jolanda Blom and was treated to a tour of her shop ‘Blom Motoren’ in Leusden - it is huge!

Jolanda and her husband, Hans, started ‘Blom Motoren’ 16 years ago as Triumph Motorcycle dealers. Today they are the biggest Triumph Motorcycle Shop in the Netherlands and have won numerous awards for it.

Journalist and presenter Moira Leonard interviews Jolanda from Blom Motoren

From the moment you step inside, you can see that ‘Blom Motoren’ is more than just a shop. On site is a café, a triumph museum, and a workshop where you can have your chosen motorbike customised to your specific requirements. They brand these customisations ‘Britz’ and there are some stunning customer specials on display.

You will also find the entire range of Davida Helmets, including the new full-face Koura there and, not only will they fit your helmet for you, they encourage you to test drive it too. So confident are they, that once you have tried it out on the road, you will want to take it home with you.

‘How did it all start?’ I asked her. ‘Well’, she said, ‘first thing we did was buy the Triumph motorbikes and clothing, which were lovely, but they didn’t have helmets. So we went to a motorbike show in Milan and saw Davida Helmets. Hans already owned one and loved it. He strongly recommended that they would work perfectly with our bikes’ adding ‘they are beautiful’. Now Jolanda and her son, Stijn, also wear Davida Helmets when out riding.

Jolanda in a new Davida Koura helmet

Oh, and not only does Stijn help his mum and dad out with the family business during the week, he is also a champion Motocrosser, although he no longer competes professionally. He started riding when he was 4 years old on a little 51 KTM but stopped the professional racing in 2015, when he was 21. After a short break though, the lure of competing was too much and in 2018 he tried out his first Dirt Track race, on a Bonneville… and won it! Fast boy.

Thanks to Patrick Telkamp, PT Motorsport, our Agent in the Netherlands, my host and the man who keeps us all connected. Cheers Patrick!

It was great to catch up with the Blom family this week and I can’t wait to return to the Netherlands again soon.

Blom Motoren
‘t Koendert 4, 3831RB Leusden
+31 (0)33 463 5449