Davida Koura at Hells Race in the Netherlands on 5 May 2019

by David Fiddaman on May 03, 2019

Who is Friete Girardet? He is our first German Davida Racer wearing our new Full Face Koura helmet.

On 4 and 5 May 2019, the ‘Hells Race’ takes place at Speedway Lelystand, the Netherlands, with Round 1 of the Euros championship and Round 2 of the Hooligans championship.

Davida rider Friete Girardet is about to climb into his van to drive from Germany to take part, and is looking forward to using his newly customised Davida Koura Helmet for the race. He will be joining Sony Lucas, a US flat Track Rider for training tomorrow and Saturday, before they both race on Sunday in their respective classes.

Friete is going in the vintage class with a 40-year-old Norton. It’s an original bike adapted to look like the one ridden by David Eldana, US flat track champion from the early 1970s. Eldana was one of the more colourful racers of his time with his wild riding style and extravagant designs on his riding attire.

Also in the van heading off to the Netherlands, will be a Rotax 500 in a flat track frame, which he is hoping to get ready for the thunder bike class, but the engine is being brought to him from England tomorrow. He says ‘I’m going to try and put it together and get it working on Friday and Saturday night. I’ll see if I can work it out, I’m not sure yet’

As well as DTRA racing Friete also competes in vintage motocross and vintage trial bike racing in his spare time, which is not much, as his day job is running a special effects business for film and commercials!

Speaking of his Davida Koura helmet he said ‘It just arrived, an hour ago. When I was unpacking it, I was overwhelmed – it was so brilliant. It’s unreal because I made a drawing about how I wanted the design less than a week ago. I sent the design to Fiddy and they realised it in a very short time. To me it is the best design they have ever done.’

Friete has been wearing Davida open face helmets for over a decade, so he knows what he is talking about.

He went on to describe how he took the design from the motorbike he is riding at the weekend, the Norton, saying it’s a very rare bike which he was ‘lucky to find’. And the Davida Koura Helmet? Well, ‘it goes perfectly’.

Good luck for Sunday, Friete, and we will catch up with him again next week to see how he survived Hells Race with a post-race report.