Davida Racer, Neil 'Soupy' Campbell Tops 174 mph In Speed Challenge

by Sharon Underhill on November 06, 2019

This summer, British cyclist and Davida Racer, Neil Campbell rode a £15000 custom steel super-bike to claim the cycling land speed record of 174.339 mph. 


In his Davida Koura helmet, Neil ( aka Soupy ), was dragged behind a speeding Porsche before being released to pass through the timing gate under his own power, to clock a record speed 280.5 kmph / 174.339 mph.

Neil's custom special Koura helmet was one of many bespoke designs created for Davida Koura Racers this year, some of which will be on display on the Davida stand at 2019 Motorcycle Live at NEC from 16th - 24th November.



This months Cyclist Magazine discovers the design and dangers behind his quest - WORDS by MARK BAILEY, PHOTOS by ADAM ROBERTS and DAMIAN BLAKEMORE


Neil's highly modified, elongated bike, built by Moss Bikes in Cheshire, used parts from a Suzuki Hayabusa and KTM Motocross bike to improve it's stability. For safety he wore a Dainese airbag race suit, Davida Koura helmet and PMX Goggles and his motorcycle boots were modified with carbon soles.



In these days of mass production, the thrill of owning something no-one else has is something many do not expect to be able to achieve or afford. The motorcycle helmet, since its introduction, has been able to transcend its primary function of safety and become for the rider a high profile vehicle for self expression

A quick internet search shows the interest in helmet art is as strong as ever, with many riders in search of an affordable way of obtaining a customised helmet design.

What these riders do not generally know is that for more than 20 years riders have been able to be co-designers with Davida craftsman to create their own one-off helmet design.

If you lust after your own individual design , the Davida Customer Special Service even includes design advice, to ensure your flat artwork will work on the dome of a helmet.

The costs of a your unique-only one-on-the-planet helmet starts from £50 plus VAT on top of the standard price of a Davida helmet. The final price will of course depend on the complexity of your design and paint colours chosen.

How can Davida do they do this ? Their secret is that unlike most modern creations, Davida helmets are still individually hand-built in the UK. Using the best quality materials available with every distinctive livery and detail carefully created by individuals who still care about these things.

Once your design has been finalised, you can expect to wait up to 4 weeks to take delivery of your one-of-a-kind Davida creation

What do you think to this Davida Customer Special ?




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