Davida Helmets at the MCM Festival of Motorcycling 18-19 May 2019

by Jules Watts on May 17, 2019

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Devitt MCN Festival of Motorcycling


The MCN Festival of Motorcycling is upon us and Dirtquake is showcasing its hugely entertaining brand of crazy motorcycles racing on dirt along with the DTRA Flat Track Nationals amongst other diverting spectacles.


Jules, Pasha Gudlaug, Jasmine, Alan. Image: Sean Hancock

Jules, Pasha Gudlaug (aka Icegirl or Lujah), Jasmine, Alan. Image: Sean Hancock


Dirtquake has been a wonderfully inclusive and eclectic phenomenon bringing a hugely diverse bunch of riders together from all over the world to try something different. Davida are very proud to have been involved since its inception, bringing an informal race team with, in later years, the tireless Sharon Underhill running the crucial campsite experience.


Jules & Jasmine. Picture: Gareth Buddo

Jules & Jasmine. Images: Gareth Buddo


This weekend’s event brings the return of Liverpool racer Jules Watts, a veteran having raced every Dirtquake bar the first.

Gudlaug (Icegirl) holding her own. Image: Gareth Buddo

Gudlaug (Icegirl) holding her own. Image: Gareth Buddo


Look out for ‘Icegirl’ Lujah, Icelandic bike and boat-builder amongst other heavy metal endeavours - she has no truck with racing in a ‘Ladies’ class and why should she? She can hold her own in any class, she’ll be racing in a Davida Koura this weekend as she has a habit of high-siding spectacularly on occasion.

John Cowell, another bike builder and a most enthusiastic recent convert to the cult of Dirtquake, will also be there.


Sharon Underhill, Campsite Chief. Image: Gareth Buddo

Sharon Underhill, Campsite Chief. Image: Gareth Buddo


Past Davida team racers include Jasmine, giving it some proper race face and decent pace, despite having hardly ridden a bike before; David Fiddaman - Fid the Lid - of course, he had a battle on his hands for victory with El Solitario’s David Borras; and the aforementioned Sharon Underhill (above) who generally only goes off-road when her Ducati Monster strays onto the loose stuff on France’s back roads.


Beautiful Davida helmets

Beautiful Davida Speedster V3 helmets. Image: Gareth Buddo


So what to expect? Well, if past form is anything to go by, the usual spills and thrills, funny outfits, bikes put together with a surreal sense of humour, lots of laughs yet also some seriously competitive racing.

Davida have found many kindred spirits at Dirtquake over the years from Chopper class racer Mike Johnson, who now races in the DTRA proper, to the anarchic French contingent who really take it to the next level of craziness, particularly Hubert ‘The Lobster’ who always has the most outrageous getup and antics, whether on the track or at the campsite, and always seems to win his class with ease!


The French, Jules, Gudlaug & Pasha. Image: Gareth Buddo

The French, Jules, Gudlaug & Pasha. Image: Gareth Buddo


The Davida campsite that Sharon Underhill ran was such an important ingredient to the Dirtquake experience allowing Dirtquakers a space that was safe and secure for them and their bikes yet encouraging of the anarchic vibe that defines the event throughout the weekend, some great post-race parties and friendships forged under the Norfolk summer night skies.


Mike Johnston & Jasmine. Image: Gareth Buddo

Mike Johnston & Jasmine. Image: Gareth Buddo


So we’re sure you’ll enjoy the spectacle, Foggy will be there, though not racing this time, his one and only Dirtquake event put him in hospital badly enough that he swore to his wife he’d never race again!

Guy Martin rarely misses anything Dirtquake but he’s probably riding a bicycle somewhere. Let’s hope Lujah’s Davida Koura full-face doesn’t have to deal with the abuse some of her previous Davida Jets have had to face at Dirtquake!


Davida's liverbirds

Davida's Liverbirds