Bike Shed Owner Dutch Van Someren Rides In His Davida Helmet Everyday To BSMC

by Sharon Underhill on May 17, 2018

Bike Shed owner Dutch Van Someren rides to  work everyday to the BSMC venue in his Davida helmet....

My Davida review? Three words: Just buy one.'...Dutch

Find Davida at Bike Shed, Tobacco Dock, May 25th-27th 2018

Davida UK have been exhibiting at The Bike Shed Show since the very first, very small, very obscure event in 2013. Now in the Tobacco Dock Bike Shed is a massive international event ... and we're still there. Davida UK have been manufacturing in England since 1975 and have a strong following with riders who know the difference when they use motorcycle stuff that works with them on the road...

Dutch Van Someren- full review of his Davida helmets .....I'm not exactly a bike journalist or accredit reviewer of bike products, but I am a rider of 25 odd years and having graduated from Superbikes into the cafe/brat custom scene I am now a regular wearer of various types of open face crash helmet. ...So, having ditched full-face Arais and Shoeis, where does a biker go for his first open-air head protection? There seems to be a massive and bewildering choice of open-face helmets to pick from out there, with trendy brand names, clever flip-down sunshields and funky graphics, but if what you want is simply a classic-looking, high quality, open-face crash helmet for day to day riding, then Davida has certainly delivered the goods from my own personal perspective.

It's always nice to buy British and to support our ailing economy while bigging-up UK brands, but the best thing is, Davida's helmets are also superb quality and reasonably priced, and among the best looking helmets around. I'm on my second. The first was a Ninety-Two; the UK street legal version of the small-shelled, old-school style helmet, produced for the cafe racer aficionado in a Kevlar composite shell. It's a much better looking shape than the more rounded Jet. It was snug, and I needed to add some softer cheekpads for a perfect fit, but from the moment they were fitted my Ninety Two become my comfiest crash helmet (I have about nine) and the first one I reached for in all conditions... I even wore it in winter with MX or Davida goggles. (...although not so good with the Halcyon pilot style goggles, as they sit too low) The reason I'm writing in the past tense is because I crashed my little Ninety Two. A white van man decided to reverse at me down a dual carriageway, slipping backwards into the fast lane while I was cruising along minding my own business. I hit the back of the van at about 40 mph in a cafe racer crouch, head-butting the rear doors and knocking myself across the road. Onlookers assumed I was out for the count (or worse) but while other parts of my body were rather broken and battered my head was 100% intact, without even a concussion. The helmet's only road rash was from me lying on my side on the road clutching my limbs in pain. The actual impact from the van didn't leave a mark on the helmet. So, to cut a long story short, I've literally tested my Davida to destruction and I can vouch for the style, the comfort and the performance, first hand. I've now replaced my Ninety Two with a Speedster. It's the same shell and shape but it's not approved for use in the UK, but that's just a matter of how we test helmets on the UK. I know the construction is pure quality and I trust my head to be looked after in a helmet that is even more comfy than the last, with it's plush leather interior. So. My Davida review? Three words: Just buy one'... Dutch