ACU Gold Label Awarded to Davida Speedster V3

by Sharon Underhill on September 15, 2017

Not only is the Davida Speedster dual certified to ECER22-05 & DOT FMVSS no.218 but it has now been awarded the ACU Gold Label.


Although the ACU Gold Label is not required for helmets used for general riding on public roads, it is required if you are going to ride on the tarmac race track.

Scrutineering will check that your helmet has an ACU Gold Label sticker with the relevant QR code and the helmet manufacturers serial number.

The ACU Gold Label is only valid if it carries this unique Serial Number and QR Code. 

Helmets submitted to the ACU for assessment are first inspected by the ACU Technical committee before sending the helmet to be independently tested to ensure it is actually capable of passing the Road Safety Certifications it carries.

Choosing an ACU Gold Label helmet does therefore provide the road rider with additional assurance the helmet  is a legitimate safety product capable of providing the level of protection required by the UK law.

As the Governing Body of Motorsport in the UK, The ACU will only permit helmets on tarmac race tracks which have passed their testing process and been awarded the ACU Gold Label.