40th Anniversary of Mike Hailwood's 1978 IOM TT Comeback

by Sharon Underhill on August 16, 2018

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of ‘Mike the Bike’s’ Formula 1 TT race win, after an 11-year absence,  John  McGuinness rides Mike Hailwoods’ original Sports Motorcycles Ducati, which Hailwood raced to TT victory in his 1978 comeback.

“It’s an iconic moment in TT history & a story that everyone who follows the event knows about.” 

“I’ve had some special moments..but this is undoubtedly going to be one of the real highlights." John McGuinness

Mike Hailwood TT comeback 1978

Photo: Nick Nicholls Collection, Mortons Archive.

Hailwood's 1978 comeback win is recognised as one the most memorable and emotional moment in the TT’s 110 year history.

2018 Classic IOM TT 24th - 27th August. 

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